Dogs sniffing

Health screening can be non-invasive, quick, inexpensive, & accurate

Imagine: replacing all of your routine cancer screenings (colonoscopies, mammograms, PAP tests, prostate exams…) with a single visit to a clinic, where a dog sniffs your hand. The dog doesn’t sit down in front of you, and you’re good to go for another year. Simple as that.

Imagine: before entering the arena to see your favorite group or team, you’re sniffed by a dog before entering. No vaccine pass or mask needed. Enjoy yourself – you’re in a (very large) bubble protected by our best friend, the dog.

Using dogs’ sense of smell for human health can help us detect cancers and disease early and without costly technologies. Canine detection by smell for cancer and Covid-19 is proven. Here at 3rd Sense Health, our work is to support the growth of this alternative in healthcare screening.

Let’s make it happen.


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